Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol?

Article via Psychology Today and was written by Amanda MacMillan

People often think that you can either handle alcohol or you're an alcoholic. But that kind of black-and-white view of our complicated relationship with alcohol is false. Drinking habits exist on a spectrum, and the majority of people who drink excessively are not alcohol-dependent. But that does not mean that their level of drinking is good for them.

Last week, we explored the latest research on women and alcohol which shows that women and moms are drinking more. The experts we spoke with suggested that anyone who drinks regularly take a look at how they are drinking and decide if it is time to make a change. 

In general, studies show that women who stay within "low-risk" limits of alcohol use (no more than three drinks on any day and no more than seven drinks a week) have only a 2 percent chance of developing an alcohol use disorder, but these numbers only tell part of the story.

"I'm always reluctant to be quick to judge someone's use just by frequency alone," says Sheila Vakharia, PhD, MSW, assistant professor of social work at Long Island University-Brooklyn. "There are so many other factors to take into account: How quickly are you drinking? Are you drinking on an empty stomach? Are you drinking before you have to drive or supervise your kids? Did one drink lead to another, which led to another?" And some situations make drinking any amount of alcohol unsafe, like if you're pregnant or taking certain medications.

Even if you're not addicted to alcohol, you could still have an unhealthy...Click here to read the full article. 

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